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Combos are energetic and in-your-face. As the sonic experience can be hard to label, it's vital to acknowledge the niches that each member provides to the group; prog skating, soccer punk, sneaker bawling, acid graff and black metal leadership. The combination of these musical inspirations and their own fusion of punk energy, rock depth and a hip hop fundament creates a new and futuristic musical expression. The band, based in Trondheim (Norway), came out of nowhere at the end of 2018 and has since established themselves as a much believed in up-and-coming act. Their debut album, Steelo (released in May 2020), received great reviews from both Norwegian and international press, and with their energetic and buzzy live performances, catchy songs with heavy riffs and restlessly apathetic lyrics, Combos proves to be a definite one to watch, well-deserved of the hype.